SVSU Special Education - Assistive Technolgy


What is Boardmaker? Boardmaker by Mayer Johnson consists of three software products.  It is a database of graphic picture communication symbols (PCS) that can be searched on the computer. Boardmaker comes with over 4500 picture communication symbols.  These symbols are available in Black/White or Color.  Boardmaker can be used to create interactive boards, design and print communication boards, calendars, visual supports, schedules, lifeskill and curriculum activities. Boardmaker is an extremely versatile tool.  It can be used for general education or for students with special needs. Linda Hodgson says, 'Visual strategies won't fix every problem the students have, but they will provide a valuable framework to support their lives'.
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Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus provides districts with the integrated tools needed to streamline student administration, enable stakeholder collaboration and individualize instruction. The entire system is web-based so educators, parents and students have access to information from anywhere at any time. The system also serves as a district-wide data warehouse allowing student data to be entered once and used across the entire district supporting data-driven decision making.

Google Scribe

What is Google Scribe?

Google Scribe is one of a number of Google Labs experiments.

Google Scribe helps you write better documents. Using information from what you have already typed in a document, Google Scribe’s text completion service provides related word or phrase completion suggestions. It also checks your documents for incorrect phrases, punctuations, and other errors like misspellings. In addition to saving keystrokes, Google Scribe’s suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use.

Think of it as an intelligent version of Google Docs.
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